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Lancaster Elite Try-outs for 2024/2025 Season

Try-outs for the 24/25 Season have ended.  If you are interested in Lancaster Elite and have missed the try-outs, please reach out to Steph Cooke, MTSC Director ( or Danny DiPrima, Director of Coaching (

Important Information


Foundation Fields - 2254 Bassett Dr. Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Bible College - 901 Eden  Rd., Lancaster PA

Lancaster Elite Fee Schedule for 2024/2025 season:

U8 Academy - $650 (Lancaster Summer Classic, Fall/Spring Season, Winter Training)

U9/U10– $795 (2 Tournaments plus Lancaster Summer Classic, Fall/Spring Season, Winter Training)

U11/U12– $1095  (3 Tournaments and our Lancaster Summer Classic, Fall/Spring Season, Winter Training)

U13 – U15– $1200  (3 Tournaments plus our Lancaster Summer Classic, Fall/Spring Season (Possible Premiere), Winter Training)

U16+– $1150 (3 Tournaments plus our Lancaster Summer Classic, Winter Training and Spring Season, Possible Late Fall League)

Included in Program Fees for all ages:

  • Outdoor Practice 2x per week starting mid-August through early November, resuming in March through early June
  • Team registration in competitive leagues (EDP, APL, CPYSL)
  • T3 Fall Kick-off Team Camp (Aug 9-11 for U8-U14), (U15 and up TBD)
  • Winter Training 1x per week starting in January-March for U8-U14, Outdoor Winter Training U15 & above
  • Collegiate Advisement
  • Pathway to Lancaster FC and USL Academy
  • Director of Coaching and Technical Directors working regularly with teams
  • Goalkeeping Director
  • Professional Coaches
  • Free Membership to EPYSA Parent Resource Center

There is a non-refundable commitment fee of $150.00 included in your fees.

We offer family friendly payment plans.

Questions: Please Contact Us

Age Groups (Birth Year)

Age Groups (birth year)
U9 – 2016// U10 – 2015 // U11 –  2014 // U12 – 2013 // U13 –  2012 // U14 – 2011 // U15 – 2010 // U16 – 2009 // U17 – 2008 // 
U18 – 2007 

Tryout Selection Policy

Thank you for your interest in trying out for Lancaster Elite! We are a community-proud soccer program competing on a state-wide platform. Our tryout and selection process is designed ensure that all players receive a fair opportunity to be selected for an Elite team.

Eligible Participants:

Player eligibility for Lancaster Elite teams is determined by birth year. Players who will turn 7 or 8 during the year that tryouts are held may try out for the U9 Lancaster Elite teams.

Team Size by Age:

U9/U10 – 7v7 (maximum roster of 12 players)
U11/U12 – 9v9 (maximum roster of 16 players)
U13-U19 – 11v11 (maximum roster of 22 players)

The Process:

Tryouts are held once a year in the spring and consist of two sessions. The results of these tryouts determine the teams for the following consecutive fall, winter, and spring seasons. Players must attend at least one session for evaluation and are strongly encouraged to attend both.


Players will participate in a series of drills, game situations, and small sided team games. The evaluators consist of experienced coaches and trainers. Evaluators’ scores will be calculated and averaged for the most accurate assessment of each player.

Tryout Day:

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time. Parents/guardians must register the player prior to the first tryout session. Players will be issued a tryout shirt with a unique number and are required to wear that shirt for each session.

Wear cleats and shin guards.

Bring an appropriately sized soccer ball.

Bring water.


Ball control and dribbling skills. Accurate passing of different ranges. Defensive play. Off the ball movement and work. Shooting. Teamwork. Coachability.

* Players will have more success if they prepare in advance through ball touches at home.

** If you are interested in playing goalkeeper, please let the evaluators know upon arrival.

Team Selection:

Teams will be formed for each age group as determined by the number of qualified players available. Teams will be chosen based on skill level, fitness, and intangibles like effort and positive attitude. There is no guarantee that a second or third team will be formed. If multiple teams are formed for an age category, the travel selection committee will determine the best team format (equal strength v. graded teams).

Player selection will be determined through a combination of tryout results and coach recommendations. The Lancaster Elite selection committee will work with coaches to determine the roster for the upcoming seasons. Accepted players will be notified as soon as possible after the end of tryouts. Please remember that having previously played for a team does not guarantee a spot on a team for the next season. Those players not chosen for a team will be notified of the decision.

Tryout Policies:

Lancaster Elite Play Up Policy
Lancaster Elite believes players U-9 to U-12 develop better at their age appropriate level than at an age level above. U-9 to U-12 Players are required to attend the 1st and 2nd tryout at their age appropriate level and gender. The club recognizes that some talented players may be ready to be considered for the next age level within the club’s competitive team structure. Players between the U13 and U16 Age Group are required to attend the first Tryout within their respective age group. Players between the U13 and U18 Age Group attempting to “play up” may attend the second tryout with the subsequent age group.

 Try-outs: The Club Technical Directors and DOC will observe the player at the try-outs to determine if he/she is among the prospective starters for the next age level team and one of the strongest players of the age appropriate team. If the athlete is not evaluated as a prospective starter on the next age level team and one of the strongest players of the age appropriate team, then the process ends here. If the athlete is evaluated as a prospective starter on the next age level team and one of the strongest players of the age appropriate team, then the process moves on to the Team Impact Stage.

Team Impact

If the player has reached this stage and has been approved by The Club Technical Directors and DOC and has met the expectations required to play on the next age level team. However, the following considerations must still be met for the player to be invited to play on the next age level team:

1. If an under age player will displace a promising age appropriate player, the player will not be approved to play on the next age level team, even if the under aged player is a more skilled soccer player. An age appropriate player that shows promise as a developing soccer player cannot be displaced by the under age player. In this case, the under age player will be invited, and required, to play at their age appropriate level.

2. If by playing up in the next age level the player leaves the age appropriate team without sufficient numbers to field a viable team, the under age player will be invited, and required, to play at their age appropriate level.

(If it is determined that an under age player was approved to play at the next age level, but was ultimately not permitted under either part 1 or 2 of the Team Impact criterion, then the Club will look at the possibility of ‘dual registration.’ Dual registration allows the player to be registered to both teams. It further requires the player to play and practice with the age appropriate team first, but will permit them to play and practice with the next age level team as scheduling permits.)

Club’s Discretion

Lancaster Elite reserves the right to move players when it will be in the best interest of developing the player and to maintain a team at a particular age group. This discretion is NOT bound by any of the guidelines in the Playing Up consideration process. The Club reserves the right to build teams based on, but not limited to, the following considerations:

1. There are some situations where the club will ask a player to play up if it makes the overall numbers for the teams more favorable.

2. An under age player may be asked to play on the next age level team when it is deemed he/she has clearly demonstrated exceptional play on the age appropriate team the previous season.

3. A player may be asked to play up or even down when team continuity becomes threatened. The Club will always attempt to field a team at each age group and keep as many kids playing as possible.

4. In the event there is not a team in a particular age group and a team is formed combining two age groups, the younger players will not be considered “playing up” for that year.

5. If, after try outs, a team is still not full, the team’s coaches may consider younger players for their team ONLY if the age appropriate team is full. These players can only be considered with the approval of the The Club Technical Director and Director of Coaching. The following year, all players will be required to try out for their appropriate age group and/or request to try out for the next level age group, following the policy outlined above.

MTSC Director: